J.D.B. De Bow: An Old New South at October’s Round Table

On Sunday, October 14th at 3 P.M., the Franklin Civil War Round Table will present Dr. John F. Kvach of the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) who will discuss the importance of J.D.B. De Bow, the antebellum South’s most influential editor.

De Bow was one of the region’s most fascinating and influential individuals as publisher of De Bow’s Review. This magazine was considered by many as an advocate for the expansion of Southern commerce and in 1861 De Bow urged the South to leave the Union. Dr. Kvach will examine the isolation of the South during the War and J.D.B.  De Bow’s perspectives and own experiences during this period.

Dr. Kvach received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Tennessee in 2008.   He teaches Southern History, Civil War and Reconstruction, and Public History and also serves as the Director of the Center for Public History at UAH. Kvach currently has a book manuscript under review tentatively entitled:  An Old New South: J.D. B. De Bow’s Invention and Promotion of a Modern South.

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