The Founders, the Evolution of America, and the Road to Civil War

On Sunday, December 13th at 3 P.M., the Franklin Civil War Round Table will present historian and author Eric Jacobson, who will speak on “The Founders, the Evolution of America, and the Road to Civil War.

The question and key issues on how a new country found itself on the path to a bloody civil war only eighty-four years after achieving independence are found in the complex maze of compromises, personalities and economic pressures facing young America. Jacobson, with an assist from Round Table founder Greg Wade, will discuss the issues and events that led to this Civil War.

Jacobson is the CEO of the Battle of Franklin Trust and author of For Cause and For Country: A Study of the Affair at Spring Hill and the Battle of Franklin, considered a contemporary classic on the 1864 Tennessee campaign. His latest book, Baptism of Fire, presents three Federal regiments who had not seen combat but played a critical role in the outcome of the Battle of Franklin. A Minnesota native, Jacobson has been studying the Civil War for twenty five years and resided in Arizona before coming to Middle Tennessee in 2005.

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